July 18, 2011 Thomas Dainat

Veeam Backup and Replication

Backing up servers and desktop can be a challenge, especially with limited storage resources. So I finally got one of my clients to purchase Veeam and offsite Storage. Networking had to be set up and configured to ensure that the backup images would be routed without clogging up the existing production network. Daily and weekly updates will be created by Veeam and then replicated to these off-site servers to ensure that the local systems are backed up and that the remote systems remain current. As part of the Disaster Recovery, all system back-ups will be reviewed and tested and fixed accordingly.

Operations Reporting:

Back in December 2010, I wrote some VBA code to automate Operations Reporting. The existing Operations Reporting system has been modified to now make use of the new SCADA system that has been deployed. Report data will be collected from the SCADA system (where this data is available).